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Accordingly, if the tension is removed, the symptoms disappear, that is, when the leg is bent at the hip, at rest and in a horizontal position. If the process lasts for a long time, the disease progresses, the nutrition of the skin deteriorates, and it loses its elasticity and becomes thinner. In the advanced stage, ulcerations of a trophic nature may develop. Because of the pain symptom, there is a narrowing of the vessels in the leg, as a result of which lameness appears.

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The main diagnostics consists in a complete examination and a detailed interview of the patient. Having studied all the nuances, the doctor prescribes the passage of some laboratory and instrumental methods of examination: ENMG (electroneuromyography method), magnetic resonance or computed tomography, prednisone examination and ultrasound. prednisone images are most often used to confirm the diagnosis, in disputable situations - tomography.

Before starting the main treatment, the causes of the pathology should be eliminated.

Then they switch to symptomatic and pathogenetic treatment. The tactics and treatment regimen are selected by the doctor individually for each patient. With positive dynamics from treatment, they begin treatment and prevention activities. The patient is recommended to carry out special gymnastics to improve blood flow through the vessels of the lower extremities, strengthen the muscular frame.

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All exercises are aimed at reducing the tension of the nerve - this is bending the legs, breeding them. For example: regular repetition of flexion and extension of the legs while sitting on the mat; turning the limb inward and backward several times; in the supine position, fold your arms under the body and gently lift your head up, hold for a few seconds and relax.

An obese patient undergoes special courses of sports exercisesfor weight loss, a special massage is also recommended.

After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, it is best for the patient to go swimming, cycling, try to move more and stay less in one position. Physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed only after the exclusion of acute conditions or other contraindications. A good effect is observed from the procedures: acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, UHF, electrophoresis with vitamin preparations, Darsonval therapy, water procedures, including water aerobics and hydromassage.

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Roth's syndrome is a compression-ischemic neuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

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In general, the disease does not cause severe harm to health, in severe cases lameness and ulcers may occur, but everything is completely cured, leaving no serious consequences.

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In order to avoid recurrence of the disease, the patient needs to change his lifestyle, monitor his diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and herbs, move more actively, dance, and play sports. You should change the style of clothing, giving preference to loose underwear and soft belts, abandon corsets, etc. Try not to carry weights so as not to load the lower back.

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Treatment with folk remedies sometimes helps to reduce the unpleasant sensation in the leg. So, at home, many apply a honey compress with the addition of 15 g of grated horseradish, or a night compress of table salt, radish and vinegar.

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Surgical intervention is carried out in cases where there is a constant mechanical compression of an organ or tissue, or a pathological object, and when conservative treatment is ineffective.

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